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Celebrate HERSTORY with Us

We are an event planning company who focuses on Women History. 

We organize story times, games, lectures and seminars with all ages: from preschools to colleges. 

We plan your private and corporate parties with women history themes.

We organize Rock the Vote events, and pop up fundraisers for women causes. 

We organize book promotion events and art festivals for various local agencies. 

We set up pop-up shops for Women History Month. 

We plan and install special exhibitions for Women History Month at schools and government agencies. 

Call us today to learn together and inspire.

K   A   T   I   A

Some of Our Event Ideas for You

Kids Birthday Parties

  • Design Your Super Heroes 

  • Girls Who Made History

  • Queens from Five Continents

  • Teen Queens

  • 'Modern' Sweet 16th 

  • Bar & Bat Mitzvah

  • 'Modern' Quinceañera

Corporate Parties 

  • Women in Arts and Design

  • Women in Law

  • Women in TV and Films

  • Did you know...? Quiz Games

  • Onna Bugeisha (Women Samurai) Fashion Show

Private Parties

  • Mom & Daughter Dance

  • Mom & Son Dance

  • Teen Parties

  • Valentines Day Events

  • 'Modern' Bachelor & Bachelorette Parties

  • Wine Tasting 

  • Beer Tasting

  • Private Dinners

with women sommeliers

with wineries owned and run by women

with women private chefs

with women DJs 

with women performers

with women security

with women artists

Educational Events

  • Story Times

  • Games 

  • Lectures

  • Seminars

  • Book Clubs

  • Exhibitions

  • Art Shows

  • Women Business Expos

Re-Learn, Re-Think, and Re-View Women in History

There have been many great women rulers, warriors, scholars and artists in human history who have moved humanity forward.

But we, as a society, do not teach our children about them, we teach them about their male counterparts.  

A popular kid's biography series has only 25 titles about women out of their120 titles: that's 20%.

There are 394 statues of women in the U.S. compared to 5,193 of men: that's 7%.

Not only is it difficult to find any information about these women, 

in many cases, history has been distorted, discrediting or minimizing their achievements. 

Thankfully, many scholars are working on these women's stories to accurately re-write the established history.


is a project that brings focus to the powerful, intelligent, ambitious, fierce, brave, and ingenious women of history.

We hope to inspire and empower girls.

We also hope to teach boys that girls have been and are their equals. 

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Tween Queens

Tween Queens

Tween Queens
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